Haftorah Vayeira

The Haftorah for Parashat Vayeira, comes from the second book of Kings (Kings II 4:1-37), featuring three different miracles performed by the prophet Elisha. The Miracles took place around 150 years prior to the destruction of the first Beit Hamikdash. Once again many parallels can be correlated between the Parashah and the Haftorah.
The first Miracle in the Haftorah (Kings II 4:1-7) relates how a women, the wife of the righteous prophet Obadiah, was in mass debt, since her righteous husband had just passed away, he was in debt to the price Jehoram and had to pay a mass interest to the loan that was originally made. In fact Obadiah's debt came about as he sustained 100 true prophets as he kept them in hiding (Sanhedrin 39b), as the wicked Queen Jezebel ordered a mass assassination of all true prophets. Obadiah heroically saved all these great men.
Obadiah's wife, in fact had 2 sons and she was petrified that the creditor, Prince Jehoram, would take both sons as slaves, resulting in an upbringing of idolatry, which would potentially stray her righteous sons away from the Torah and mitzvot.
She came to the Prophet Elisha for advice, he told her to borrow empty vessels and begin pouring her oil into these vessels. To her amazement, as long as there were vessels to be filled, the oil continuously flowed. She then had more than enough Oil from this miracle, to sell and in turn pay off all her debts. She consequently did not have to lose her children as slaves and was saved from this cruel burden.
The Haftorah progresses relating another story which would feature 2 different miracles, once again through the prophet Elisha.
When Elisha used to go on his travels, he used be given help by a childless women, who always went out of her way to help him, offering him a room to sleep in and meals (Kings II 4:8-10/ Berachot 10), which shows a couple of parallels to the Parasha as we see how much Avraham yearned for guests (Bereishit 18:2), as well as Avraham's nephew, Lot, despite living in the wicked Sodom, was very hospitable to the wayfarers there, despite risking his own life (Bereishit 19:1-2).
In gratitude to all the many acts of Kindness that this women from the area Shunem did, Elisha asked her if she needed anything, in fact, it was Elisha's servant, Gechazi who pointed out to him that she was childless (Kings II 4:14). Elisha gave her a bountiful blessing that she will give birth (Kings II 4:16), the following verse states that she gave birth to a son, despite her husband was very old. This was the second miracle that occurred in the Haftorah, Just like Avraham and Sara were able to have Yitzchak in this weeks Parashah, despite being 99 and 89 years of age respectively (Bereishit 21:1-8).
The verses progress, relating an episode that occurred a few years later, the new born boy now being an infant. The verses relate how the boy went to his father, complaining about a headache, his mother took him and while she was trying to relax him, the boy died (Kings II 4:18-20). The mother immediately travelled to Mount Carmel, where Elisha was situated, saddling her donkey in emergency, to find the prophet to see if he could perform a miracle to revive her only child, this is in contrast to the Parashah, as Avraham saddled his donkey on his journey to the binding of Yitzchak, through the command of G-d (Bereishit 22:3).
The lady, in urgency explained the situation to Elisha, about what had happened to her son, the son whom Elisha had prayed for her and blessed her to have (Megillah 27). Elisha and his servant Gechazi tried to revive the child, firstly Gechazi unsuccessfully performed the resuscitation, he was not worthy of performing the miracle (Zohar) as he was arrogant and in fact initially pushed away the desperate mother as she pleaded with Elisha to perform the miracle (Berachot 10). Elisha approached the child and stretched himself on to him, the child sneezed seven times and woke up (Kings II 4:35), thus reviving him, Elisha being the agent of this miracle. In fact, it was Elisha's master who, many years prior had revived another boy (Kings I 17:21). Thus he followed the pattern of his master. She was left speechless, showed her gratitude and left with her son.